Dear Authors,

At WHITESMANN PUBLISHING CO., New Delhi, we are always enthusiastic about the world of fresh realm of ideas that stem from the all-pervasive, ever-changing domain of Law.  We have proud publishing and distributing history at Thakkar Law House for over 20 years, which is built on valued partnerships with our Authors to bring quality publications to the legal fraternity.

The purpose and motto of our publishing company are to provide a flexible and reliable platform with an exceptional degree of client responsiveness. We amalgamate attention to fine detail with the ability to think laterally and come up with visionary solutions. Authors will appreciate our approach, emphasis on quality relationships, our market knowledge, professional know-how, and our commitment to meeting the tightest of deadlines.

We extend the invitation to you to collaborate and write books for WHITSMANN. Our terms of contract and compensation for your talent and labour are neither hardbound nor as per the stale industry dictums but is tailor-made and prepared while keeping your desires and interests into due consideration. 

Authors, Co-authors and organisations who are interested in getting their manuscripts published may e-mail the same to us at [email protected]. We do hope you will respond positively to this invitation, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Warm Regards,